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China expert Gordon Chang praises Trump's tariffs: 'The Chinese are now doing things which smell desperate'

China is in a weaker position economically because of President Trump's tariffs which the Chinese are ultimately paying for, Gordon Chang, an expert on the Asian powerhouse, said.

"President Trump has not been deterred and we saw that with this announcement of the last set of tariffs that's going to go on $300 billion worth of goods ... the markets didn't like it but nonetheless, this is something that had to be done," Chang said during Thursday's "Hemmer Time" podcast.

"So, effectively they're bearing President Trump's additional tariffs. So, when Trump says the American consumer is not going to pay, he's correct on that," Chang said.

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A container ship sits in a berth at the Port of Oakland in California last year. President Trump announced additional tariffs on imports from China on Thursday - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Gordon Chang is author of "The Coming Collapse of China" and an expert on the nation. He believes that China's economy is getting worse as Trump imposes additional tariffs and challenges the nation's bad actions in the international economy.