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US Bans 6 Chinese Tech Firms From Exporting US Goods

The United States has banned six Chinese technology companies from exporting U.S. technologies and goods.

The U.S. Commerce Department said Monday four Chinese firms, which also have offices in Hong Kong, are being banned because of their support of Iran's military programs in violation of U.S. sanctions.

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FILE - Chinese women work at a technology factory in southern China.

It said an additional two Chinese firms were added to the banned "Entities List" because they supply technology to organizations affiliated with China's People's Liberation Army.

The Commerce Department also banned one Pakistani firm and five entities based in the United Arab Emirates from exporting U.S. goods.

"We are putting individuals, businesses, and organizations across the world on notice that they will be held accountable for supporting Iran's WMD [weapons of mass destruction] activities and other illicit schemes," said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

"Moreover, we cannot allow China's civil-military integration strategy to undermine U.S. national security through prohibited technology transfer plots orchestrated by state actors," he added.