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Sean Hannity: Hate-filled Dems can't handle the truth about the Trump campaign being spied on

We are now inching closer and closer to truth and to justice, and we're holding those who abuse power accountable. For two years on "Hannity," we have watched a political persecution, all based on lies and a hoax driven by anti-Trump hatred, and literally wrecking the very fabric of our society.

Attorney General William Barr went before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday and the boomerang that I have been telling you about is in motion and headed right back in the direction that I told you it would head. He delivered a bombshell development during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee - that the Trump campaign was spied on 2016, exactly what we have been telling you for more than two years.

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In his first appearance on Capitol Hill since taking office, and amid intense speculation over his review of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report, Attorney General William Barr appears before a House Appropriations subcommittee - Source: VOA News