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Cựu cố vấn Flynn của Trump nhận tội nói dối với FBI


KH: Cựu cố vấn của Trump cựu tướng Flynn hôm thứ Sáu 1 tháng 12 đã nhận tội nói dối với các nhà điều tra liên bang về các tiếp xúc giữa ông với đại sứ Nga. Đây là chỉ dấu cho thấy ông Flynn có thỏa thuận với Công tố Đặc biệt Mueller và sẽ hợp tác trong cuộc điều tra về sự can thiệp của Nga vào bầu cử 2016 và về cáo buộc thông đồng của chiến dịch tranh cử Trump. Cựu tướng 58 tuổi Flynn bị buộc phải từ chức khỏi nội các Trump sau chưa đầy hai tháng vì đã đánh lạc hướng Phó TT Pence về các tiếp xúc với đại sứ Nga. Dưới đây là bản tin của VOA News Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI.





Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn arrives at federal court in Washington, Dec. 1, 2017




Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI


US DISTRICT COURT — U.S. President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has pleaded guilty Friday to lying to federal investigators over his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the U.S.


The guilty plea is yet another indication Flynn is cooperating with an investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russia's interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and possible collusion by the Trump campaign.


Flynn has been charged with one count of lying about a private conversation he had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. A court document released Friday shows the conversation focused on U.S. sanctions that were being imposed on Russia by the administration of then-U.S. President Barack Obama.


The document says that in January, Flynn "did willfully and knowingly make materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements and representations" to investigators about the conversation with Kislyak.


Prosecutors allege Flynn falsely told Federal Bureau of Investigation officials in December 2016 that he did not ask Kislyak to refrain from escalating the matter after the U.S. imposed the sanctions on Russia.


The filing also says Flynn falsely stated he did not remember Kislyak informing him the Kremlin had decided to moderate its response to the sanctions in response to Flynn's request.


The court record states that in another December incident, Flynn lied when he said he did not ask Kislyak to delay a vote on or defeat an pending United Nations Security Council resolution. The court document says Flynn also falsely claimed the Russian ambassador never described Moscow's response to that request. The filing did not include further details.

The 58-year-old retired Army Lt. General was forced to resign as Trump's national security adviser less than two months after Trump entered the White House following revelations he misled Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with the Russian ambassador.


Flynn, a senior advisor to Trump before the president took office, turned himself into the FBI before his scheduled guilty plea at a hearing Friday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.