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Peter Navarro: 'It's going to be a boom year in 2020 for the American economy'

The Trump administration's trade deals combined with provisions within the National Defense Authorization Act will make for a “boom year” for America, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“It's going to be a boom year in 2020 for the American economy,” Navarro, director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, said on Tuesday.

“I'm looking at growth closer to 3 percent than 2 percent, I'm looking at the Dow well over 30,000. I predicted that several months ago that if we got [United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement] USMCA and interest rates down that we would get over 30,000. It's going to be a great year for America.”

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“There’s a segment in this great phase one deal that details $200 billion worth of incremental buys from the Chinese including a lot of farm products,” Navarro said. “What the Chinese do in preparation for that is simply lower their tariffs so when they buy the stuff they don't have to put an added cost on their consumers.”