Nội các Trump-Pence tuần thứ 5: Các công việc mới được thực hiện
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T.D.: Các công việc của tuần thứ 5 nội các Trump-Pence thực hiện được tiếp tục tường thuật tới khối cử tri ủng hộ, chúng tôi đăng tải cho nhu cầu thông tin. Đây là phương cách họ giữ kênh truyền thông trực tiếp đến khối cử tri như chúng tôi đã trình bày.



Tổng thống Trump thăm Bảo tàng Lịch sử và Văn hóa Quốc gia người Mỹ gốc Phi hôm thứ Ba 21/2


Các điểm chính, tóm lược:


  • Ông Trump tổ chức mít tinh lớn với khối cử tri ủng hộ ở Florida, "Tôi muốn đứng cùng với những người yêu nước làm việc chăm chỉ, yêu quốc kỳ Mỹ, cầu nguyện cho một tương lai sáng lạn,"...

  • Thăm Bảo tàng Lịch sử và Văn hóa Quốc gia của người Mỹ gốc Phi: Vinh danh nhiều triệu người Mỹ gốc Phi đã xây dựng di sản quốc gia...

  • Cắt giảm sự lãng phí ở Ngân sách Chính phủ: Nợ quốc gia tăng gấp đôi trong vòng tám năm qua. Tổng thống Trump họp về ngân sách nhằm cắt giảm những chi tiêu lãng phí trong chính phủ...

  • Phó Tổng thống Pence thăm nghĩa trang Do Thái ở Missouri sau khi có những phá hoại xảy ra và cùng giúp dọn dẹp, nhằm bày tỏ nước Mỹ không có chỗ cho sự thù ghét, bạo động, thành kiến, hay bài Do Thái...

  • Ủng hộ các doanh nghiệp nhỏ trên toàn quốc: Phó Tổng thống Pence thăm công ty Fabick Cat Factory ở Missouri, một doanh nghiệp gia đình nhỏ được thành lập từ năm 1917...


Chúng tôi đăng nguyên bản English gởi đến độc giả cho nhu cầu thông tin.






With just over a month of presidency under his belt, you've seen what President Trump’s incredible work ethic has accomplished in a short period of time. The President is jump-starting job creation, saving taxpayers money, restoring public safety, draining the swamp, and keeping his promise to defend the Constitution.


You want a government that serves the people -- not the donors and not the special interests. You want a Government that keeps its promises. A great spirit of optimism is sweeping all across the country. It is a new day in America and President Donald Trump is making us proud again.


Learn more about how the President and Vice President are achieving results for the American people below.




  • Making America Great Again

    President Trump held a rally on Saturday in Florida to talk to supporters about all the progress in Making America Great Again. It's important to the President to be among the people who he's working for every day. This past election was a great movement - a movement we've never seen before in our country. President Trump put it best when he said, "I want to be in a room filled with hardworking American patriots who love their country, who salute their flag, and who pray for a better future."

  • Honoring The Millions Of African-Americans Who Built Our National Heritage

    On Tuesday, President Trump visited the new National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, DC. President Trump toured the museum with Dr. Ben Carson and his family, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and Alveda King — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece. President Trump pledges to do everything he can to continue that promise of freedom for African Americans and for every American. He's proud that we now have a museum that honors the millions of African American men and women who built our national heritage, specifically emphasizing faith, culture, and the unbreakable American spirit.

  • Cutting Waste In The Government's Budget

    Our national debt has doubled over the last eight years. President Trump held a budget meeting this week that set the tone for cutting wasteful government spending and putting taxpayer dollars to good use. The President wants the American people to know that our budget will reflect the priorities of the American people and he will be directing all government departments and agencies to protect every last American and every last tax dollar starting with the first budget.  No more wasted money.



  • Showing The World What America Is All About

    Vice President Pence rolled up his sleeves on Thursday and showed the world what America is all about. After vandalism struck a Jewish cemetery in Missouri, VP Pence made a surprise visit to help with the clean-up effort. There's no place in America for hatred, or acts of violence, prejudice, or anti-semitism. That steadfast sentiment was proven this week in Missouri and under President Trump's leadership it is inspiring the nation.

  • Supporting Small Businesses Across America

    This week, Vice President Pence visited Fabick Cat Factory in Missouri, a true American success story of a family-owned business owned and operated since its founding in 1917. Today, Fabick Cat, a machinery manufacturer, has 1,100 employees at 37 locations throughout the Midwest. VP Pence wanted to let this company, all their workers, all the small business owners in attendance, and all small business owners across the country know that President Trump is the best friend America’s small businesses will ever have. Make no mistake about it, America finally has a President who’s going to support and fight for small businesses every single day.


We're united together by history and by providence. We are making America strong again. We are making America proud again. We are making America safe again. And we are making America great again -- greater than ever before.


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We're in this together and we can't thank you enough for your continued support.


Team Trump-Pence



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