Nội các Trump-Pence tường thuật công việc bận rộn tuần thứ 4
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T.D.: Nội các Trump-Pence tiếp tục tường thuật công việc tuần thứ 4 đến khối cử tri nền tảng. Đây là phương cách họ giữ kênh truyền thông trực tiếp đến khối cử tri ủng hộ, như chúng tôi đã trình bày trong thông tin tuần trước. 





Chủ đề tuần làm việc thứ tư của nội các Trump-Pence xoáy vào trọng tâm: Tăng cường quan hệ với các Đồng minh và Tăng trưởng Kinh tế.


Các điểm chính:


  • Đẩy mạnh quan hệ đồng minh và tăng trưởng kinh tế với Nhật Bản

  • Khuyến khích vai trò của phụ nữ ở chốn công sở nhằm góp phần vào sự tăng trưởng kinh tế của Canada và Hoa Kỳ 

  • Tinh giản các luật lệ kinh doanh để các công ty Mỹ có sức cạnh tranh

  • Họp với các Tổng giám đốc của các tổng công ty bán lẻ về mảng kinh tế tiêu thụ thiết yếu này của Mỹ

  • Bày tỏ cam kết trên lãnh vực giáo dục cho tương lai của con cháu 

  • Sát cánh với đồng minh Do Thái

Chúng tôi đăng nguyên bản English gởi đến độc giả cho nhu cầu thông tin.




Week 4: Strengthening our Alliances And Growing the Economy




President Trump has been meeting with America's most important allies over the past week, reassuring them that our strong relationships will continue and discussing ways to make all of our nations great, whether by improving infrastructure or creating economic growth.


In the past few days alone, the President used all the tools available to him to Make America Great Again including meeting with successful female entrepreneurs and top retail CEOs, and cutting red tape for American companies.


Scroll down to learn about the President's busy week.






  • Promoting Alliances And Economic Growth With Japan

    President Trump and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe held their first official meeting on Friday in Washington D.C. and affirmed their strong determination to further strengthen the U.S.-Japan Alliance and economic relationship. They both share an interest in sustaining a strong global economy, ensuring financial stability, and growing job opportunities. In addition, the two leaders expressed interest in exploring cooperation across sectors that promote mutual economic benefits to the United States and Japan.

  • Contributing To Economic Growth In Canada And The United States By Encouraging Women In The Workplace
  • On Monday, President Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, marking the President's first official meeting of the two nations in the new administration. No two countries share deeper or broader relations than Canada and the United States. During their time together they hit on a range of topics, and highlighted women entrepreneurs and both countries' commitment to help women excel in the workplace. They held a round-table with several successful female business leaders with the goal of promoting the growth of women-owned enterprises and to further contribute to our overall economic growth and competitiveness, as well as the enhanced integration of our economies.
  • Cutting Red Tape For American Companies

    On Tuesday, President Trump signed legislation (House Joint Resolution 41) eliminating a costly regulation that threatened to put domestic extraction companies and their employees at an unfair disadvantage. The regulation created an unfair advantage for foreign-owned extraction companies. Thanks to new legislation eliminating that, this regulation intends to save American businesses as much as $600 million annually in regulatory compliance costs and spare them 200,000 hours of paperwork.

  • Meeting With Retail CEOs On The Front Line Of Our Consumer Economy

    President Trump met with top retail CEOs to talk about the economy and discuss how the White House could best support growth in our economy. The Administration remains focused on the issues that will encourage economic growth. President Trump told the CEOs that there is a large regulatory problem in our government and that he will work to reduce regulatory burdens and create more jobs. He also told them that reforming our tax code is important to him, as he believes it will help middle-income families and American businesses grow and thrive.

  • Showing A Commitment To Our Children's Future

    President Trump and newly confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos participated in a parent-teacher conference listening session. President Trump has made it clear since his campaign that he wants every child in America to have the opportunity to climb the ladder to success. He wants every child to have a safe community and his administration is dedicated to helping our children get a great education, get into college, and ultimately become gainfully employed.

  • Standing With Israel

    On Wednesday, President Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. With this visit, the President again reaffirmed the unbreakable bond with our cherished ally, Israel. This meeting reaffirmed the important U.S.–Israeli partnership, built on shared democratic values of  freedom, dignity and peace.



Whether it's by meeting with our allies, meeting with economic leaders, or focusing on the education of our children, all of this will set America on a clear course to an even brighter future!


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We're in this together and we can't thank you enough for your continued support.


Team Trump-Pence



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